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 Bee-R instructions

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PostSubject: Bee-R instructions   Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:51 am

By IanH from SO.COM

After all the fuss about these I've put these up for people to use but 1st lets clear some problems up -

Bee-R Website instructions are wrong - they know, Brooksie has told them they're sorting it
Takakaira Website is also wrong - they copied the Bee-R website
These are the correct wiring instructions


Yellow Wire - 120' pin on ECU

Green Wire - 1' pin on ECU

Red Wire - 12V IGN pin on ECU

Black Wire - Ground (On PowerFC's you may need to add an extra earth from this pin to the PowerFC chassis for extra earthing).

White Wire - Attaches to the Handbrake On wire that goes to the dash if you want to activate the Launch Control feature

ECU pin outs


Yellow - 41 or 51
Green - 42 or 52
Red - 49 or 45
Black - 50 or 60


Yellow - 44 or 45
Green - 46
Red - 67
Black - 25

R34GTR - I don't have an ECU pinout for this so I can't tell you, hopefully this'll be sorted fairly soon


White Wire Loop - This activates the 2nd white dial which allows you to set a secondary rev limit which only comes on when the handbrake is on and is mostly used as Launch Control. Cut the loop if you don't want to use it

Grey Wire Loop - Leave this alone, only cut for 4 cylinder cars

Brown Loop - Leave this alone, only cut if you have a rotary engine


Red Dial - sets normal Engine Rev Limit (see below)

White Dial - sets Handbrake/Launch Control Rev Limit (see Below)

Yellow Dial - Sets the Gain or how big the Bang is (0 = off, 1 = very quiet & F = WW3 - try a middle setting and adjust to your peference)

The 0-F settings match upto these Revs

0 2500
1 3000
2 3500
3 4000
4 4500
5 5000
6 5500
7 6000
8 6500
9 7000
A 7500
B 8000
C 8500
D 9000
E 9500
F 10000


Normal Test - With the car warmed up (very important) set the Red Dial to 5, the gain at 9 and the white dial to 3 (only if using the handbrake option). Now without the handbrake on gently rev the car and at 5000rpm the car should start back-firing and the red light on the control unit should flash

Handbrake/Launch Control Test - Put the handbrake on and gently rev the car and at 4000rpm the car should start back-firing and the red light on the control unit should flash.

If it does then everything is set up and you can now adjust the dials to your own preference.

Problems - Car doesn't start - swap the Yellow and Green around (shouldn't happen now the instructions are right)
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Bee-R instructions
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