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 Baysideblue's HCR32 GTS25T

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PostSubject: Baysideblue's HCR32 GTS25T   Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:34 pm

Purchased this Skyline approx 6 years ago from the Skyline shop in Abbotsford BC and have been slowly building it since.
Out of all the cars ive previously owned such as Datsun 240z, 260z, 280z, Chev Camaro Z28, Talon, Celica, 2006 Civic, etc. this
car has been not only my quickest but sweetest car to date. Aside from that, it also has been the only car that hasnt been a headache
such as the 86 Daytona i owned many years ago ~ nightmare ~

About the Skyline:
Traded in my 2006 Civic for this 89 GTST with a trade-in value which i used to drop in a RB25DET engine shipped from Japan,
Recaro style seats were installed along with the Seibon carbon hood, R33 front grille, rear marker lights, FMIC, Wheels (not shown) as I
traded those later on for the Zeits now shown on Neo Gens. After this i slowly built the rest as i could. At the end of last summer I managed
to install the EMU and wired it into the ECU which is active but not tuned, basically still runs off the ECU for now. Once i manage to get my
hands on the Greddy Serial/USB cable to tune this bitch, then ill also be installing the Z32 MAF which is set within the Emanage software.
But before i touch this project any further, i need to also get a steel internal turbo as the one now installed on the engine which is a ceramic internal set @ 12 PSI (MAX). Anything past these numbers will send the wheel right into the exhaust. Looking to find a Neo turbo.
Most recent mods ive performed are completely stripping out ALL A/C components including those found in the dash. Also just removed ALL HICAS related parts including the lines & solenoid aswel as modding the PS pump by removing the steel fins internally which act as turbines to create higher pressure to the rear rack.

Baysideblue paint
Shaved doors w/AutoLoc door poppers
R33 open mouth grille
Seibon carbon hood
Privacy glass
Greddy/Trust FMIC
Greddy dump valve
Grainger valve (MBC) @ 12PSI
RB25DET engine swap (stock internals & tubby)
Bilstein suspension
Zeit 17" wheels
Neo Gen tires
Tein traction bars
Recaro style race seats
Short shift kit by Megan racing
Custom suede boots
Raxo 340g shift knob
White dash cluster
AFR white face (narrow band for now)
Boost guage white face
Sound system
Alarm system by Clifford
Custom electric rad fan
HICAS removal
A/C removal
GTR body package
Clear corner markers (not shown)

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PostSubject: Re: Baysideblue's HCR32 GTS25T   Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:03 am

Nice site jay and also your Rig looks very clean mann :cheers:
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Baysideblue's HCR32 GTS25T
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